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March 24, 2020

Re: COVID-19

So far, we are all well here at New Mexico Property Insurance Program and hope the same is true for you. However, due to the Coronavirus and the related concerns for the health and safety of our employees, customers and producers, we are asking that you refrain from walk-ins. The FAIR Plan staff of six, will now be reduced to four.

Kerry Webb, the bookkeeper and my personal assistant, will be working from home and if you have questions relating to accounting, please e-mail her Analisa Sisneros, Claim Supervisor, will also be working from home her assistant Deborah Oracion will be in the office assisting Analisa on processing claims.  You can reach either of them through e-mail or

Underwriters Stephen Klein and Sarah Kubas will be here along with myself to aid our producers and customers.   We are asking that all communication be done through e-mail, telephone, and all payment be put in the mail.  All payment will be posted immediately.  We will keep you posted on the electronic payment availability with the new software hopefully coming soon.  Please drop off payments and applications through the mail slot.   Our mailing address is 2201 San Pedro NE, Bldg. 20, Albuquerque, NM 87110 and our phone number is 505-878-9563.

We will continue to provide the customer service with the posting of payments, issue policy coverage, make coverage changes, process all claims as quick as possible and keep all things running as normal as possible.  We will readdress and post any changes as they occur to the website.  We do not, at this time, anticipate any change in our operation at the FAIR Plan.


Terrie Dunlap, Plan Supervisor


If your property suffers damage due to inclement weather; please take the necessary steps to protect your property from further damage until a claim is filed and an inspection is performed.  

The New Mexico Property Insurance Program, (hereafter referred to as "the Program")  is the underwriting association for the New Mexico  F.A.I.R. Plan (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements).  The New Mexico FAIR Plan Act which is contained in Article 29 the New Mexico Insurance Code was enacted by the legislature to provide essential property Insurance to responsible and qualified applicants in the State of New Mexico who are unable to secure such insurance in the normal market.  Under the FAIR Plan Act, all insurers licensed to write and writing essential property insurance are required to become and remain a member of the New Mexico FAIR Plan and the Program and subscribe to the articles of agreement on file in the superintendent’s office.  The New Mexico FAIR Plan and Program are subject to approval and regulation by the Superintendent of Insurance.

The Program is a not-for-profit association writing property insurance business in the State of New Mexico.  The Program is not authorized to appoint agents.  The applicant may apply directly to the program for coverage or may choose to use a representative or an insurance agent to act on the applicant’s behalf.

We only write property insurance for dwellings and commercial property.  We issue all policies in our office on our own NMPIP paper.  All applications are underwritten by our own employee’s. We use a TPA to manage claims utilizing independent adjusters throughout the state of New Mexico.

What We Do

We are a property market of last resort  The New Mexico FAIR Plan operates like a small insurance company underwriting our applications, issuing our policies, and adjusting our claims.


The Plan was established under Chapter 238 and approved on April 3, 1969 by the New Mexico Legislature.  The last law was changed and approved under Chapter 59A, the Insurance Code, effective April 1, 1985 as 59A-29-1 to 59A-29-11.\

Contact Us

2201 San Pedro NE Bldg 20
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 878-9563
Fax: (505) 878-9566

For policy information please contact the following based on the first letter of the last name on the policy.

Underwriting A-L
Stephen Klein

Underwriting M - Z
Sarah Kubas

Commercial Policies
Deborah Oracion